SCIA 2025

Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis 2025 June 9-11, 2025 · Reykjavík, Island

Welcome to the Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis 2025. The main conference will be held from June 9th to June 11th, 2025, at the University of Iceland, in Reykjavík, Island.

Areas of focus

3D vision from multiview and other sensors · Action and behaviour recognition · Biometrics, faces, body gestures and pose · Computational photography · Datasets and evaluation · Detection, recognition, classification, and localization in 2D and/or 3D · Explainable AI for CV · Image and video processing, analysis, and understanding · Low·level and physics·based vision · Machine learning and deep learning · Medical, biological, and cell microscopy · Motion and tracking · Scene, text and document analysis and understanding · Segmentation, grouping, and shape · Vision + language (+ other modalities) · Vision applications and systems · Vision for robotics and autonomous vehicles

Why Attend SCIA 2025?

The conference program will feature top invited speakers and high-quality scientific presentations, all set against the unique geological and cultural backdrop of Iceland.

  • Regional Collaboration Opportunities: Engage with peers and leaders from across the Nordics, fostering sustainable and climate-friendly collaborations and exchanges.
  • Insightful and Broad Exposure: Learn from top experts about cutting-edge research in image analysis and its applications in healthcare, environmental monitoring, and automation, broadening your perspective.
  • Revamped Presentation Format: Alongside the classical SCIA submission format, for the first time, SCIA 2025 offers authors the unique opportunity to present their recently published works. This new session format enhances knowledge sharing and provides further visibility to cutting-edge research in image analysis.
  • Inspirational Environment: Enjoy the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of Iceland, which provide a perfect backdrop for inspiration and discovery.